Prescription Lenses

Zeiss is the leading name in precision optics and one of the longest established optics manufacturers in the world.

Producing lenses for mobile phones, medical technologies, cameras, telescopes andmicroscopes – they have even been commissioned by NASA to produce the JamesWebb Space Telescope.
Silverberg Optician’s are the only independent optician in Liverpool city centre that can call itself a Zeiss Premier Partner.  

So, what do Zeiss say about us? ….

Zeiss Logo
ZEISS is delighted to be a valued partner of Silverberg Opticians. ZEISS partners with independent opticians committed to providing excellence in patient eye care & who offer the world's most innovative optical products, dispensing technologies & services to its customers

As a Zeiss Vision Centre, we are able to offer our clients:

Single Vision Lenses

ZEISS technology produces flat and lightweight lenses, even for high prescriptions.ZEISS single vision lenses offer four quality categories that are sharply focused on your visual needs.

  • Optimisation of the lens power, also for high prescriptions, for easy-to-wear, comfortable spectacles and an attractive appearance.
  • High break resistance and therefore ideal for sports and children’s spectacles.
  • Better night vision: you can also order ZEISS progressive lenses withi.Scription® technology – for even better contrast perception and colour intensity.
  • Additional lens coatings and extras – DuraVision Platinum® premium coating,tinted lenses or self-tinting lenses with PhotoFusion® technology.

Digital Lenses

On average, we look at our mobile devices up to 80 times a day. This shifting of focusfrom near to far and back again poses a huge challenge to eyes. If you have everexperienced tired, burning eyes, muscle tension or even a headache, these constantshifts in focus could be the cause.Our eyes work effortlessly and adjust quickly to all distances up until a certain age.But when we reach around 30 years old, this function starts to deteriorate. And this is where special lenses from ZEISS can help reduce eyestrain.

  • ZEISS Digital Lenses help reduce the stress and strain caused by the constant use of smartphones and other digital devices, so you can experience relaxed and fresh eyes all day
  • Excellent wearer tolerance – and you also have the same 100% ZEISS tolerance-guarantee
  • You can use ZEISS digital lenses for the entire day

Progressive Lens Portfolio

Progressive lenses are true optical masterpieces. They offer individualised support foryour eyes from near to far. The lens design is tailored to you and your visual habits.The ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio offers:

  • Four performance levels: Pure , Plus , Superb or Individual
  • Outstanding wearer tolerance, including a tolerance guarantee from ZEISS.
  • Relaxed and good dynamic vision with fast focusing at any distance and in any direction thanks to the ZEISS design philosophy.
  • Optimisation of the lens power, also for high prescriptions, for easy-to-wear,comfortable glasses and an attractive appearance.
  • Better night vision: you can also order ZEISS progressive lenses withi.Scription® technology  for even better contrast perception and colour intensity.
  • You can select additional lens coatings and extras – such as the DuraVisionPlatinum® premium coating, tinted lenses or self-tinting lenses withPhotoFusion® technology.

Sunglass lenses

All ZEISS sunglass lenses offer 100% UV protection, which is the most essential quality criterion for good sunglasses. ZEISS offers a wide range of single-colour tints,graduated tints, bi-colour variations and individualised colours.

  • The Skylet from ZEISS offers sun protection for all outdoor activities,featuring contrast enhancement in bright sunshine and strong glare, as well as in diffused light.
  • Lightweight, highly resistant to breakage and lightweight, ZEISS sunglass lenses offer both comfort and safety.
  • Sunglass lenses from ZEISS also come with polarising filters.

Sports Lenses

Great vision is vital in all sports and no two athletes are exactly alike. Athletes needlenses that satisfy the vision requirements necessary for the sport. The right tint,design and function are crucial. It’s an optical challenge to protect eyes from dust, dirt, the sun and dust and debris in the air, especially in the peripheral zones – but ZEISS wrap lens technology makes it possible.

  • Lightweight plastic lenses for highly curved spectacle frames
  • Single vision lenses and progressive lenses
  • Robust – using the combination of impact resistant materials with high quality DuraVision® Platinum-coating
  • Self-tinting or polarising versions available

DriveSafe Lenses

Using a combination of an optimised lens design and a special coating, ZEISSDriveSafe offers you a lens for everyday use with special features to make driving amore relaxed experience.

  • Wear DriveSafe lenses like normal glasses for the entire day and benefit from features designed for a safe driving experience
  • Better vision in the challenging light conditions caused by low light or badweather offer the driver enhanced driving experience
  • Reduced discomfort glare for drivers who are frequently irritated by headlightsand street lamps
  • For progressive lens wearers: optimum vision comfort when looking at theroad, the dashboard, the rear-view mirror and the side mirrors

Office Lens Portfolio

Computers are now an integral part of working life. But spending periods of time infront of a screen can lead to neck, back and shoulder pain – often caused by wearingthe wrong kind of glasses.Reading glasses and progressive lenses are not the best solution for people who spendmuch of their day working in front of a screen. A better choice is a pair of computer glasses with special ZEISS lenses designed for workplace use.

  •  These lenses offer a large field of vision at close and intermediate distances,giving you an unimpaired view of the screen encouraging a natural posture and sitting position
  • They can also be optimised to match your specific requirements
  • Clear, sharply focused vision in the close and intermediate ranges with large fields of vision
  • Relaxed, natural vision in the office and in any other tasks you perform in the near to intermediate ranges
  • The best solution for a comfortable posture and head position helping prevent neck, back and shoulder strain
  • These lenses are designed to assist you and your visual behaviour both at work and in your leisure time