Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses

Some people feel they just don’t suit glasses, and it doesn’t matter what any number of style advisors tell them or how many compliments they receive from friends and family; they just don’t feel comfortable. And, then, there are those people who are put off by the maintenance and the thought of having to keep constant track of where they put their spectacles.

Luckily, at Silverberg Opticians, we stock a wide range of contact lenses. As a result of the latest advances in materials – most people can wear them, even if you cannot bear to part with your glasses – no doubt there are times when they can be a bit unwelcome: during sports, exercise or other vigorous activity, when it’s raining, or in a busy nightclub…

With bi-weekly contact lenses, you can experience that fresh lens feeling every fortnight. Just replace your lenses after 14 days. We stock a wide range of well-known brands of bi-weekly contacts, including Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision and Johnson & Johnson.