Contact Lenses

At Silverberg’s we offer a wider selection of contact lenses than any opticians in the North West.

After qualifying as a Contact Lens Optician in 1988, Ian Silverberg has strived to help as many people who want contact lenses fitting as he can.

Most opticians will do a range of lenses that will work for a majority people and ignore the rest, often finding them too time consuming.

This is not how we work.

We have a wide range of contact lenses for most people from Johnson and Johnson, Bausch and Lomb and more.

However, we also specialise in more complicated and rare lenses including:

  • high toric lenses
  • multi-focal contact lenses
  • toric multi-focal lenses
  • keratoconic lenses
  • extended wear lenses
  • and more

Our suppliers include Coopervision, David Thomas and Alcon.

If you have been told in the past that you cannot wear lenses, we can often help.

To book in for a consultation with Ian Silverberg, please contact the practice.

And don’t forget that we teamed up with Johnson & Johnson and Terracycle® to offer you a soft contact lens recycling service, free and available regardless of which brand of lens you use.