Ray-Ban SS17 In Store Now


Ray-Ban SS17 In Store Now

It’s a brand we know and love and this season’s collection showcases the classics as well as introducing new shapes and colours.


Silverberg is proud to present the Ray-Ban SS17 collection.

The iconic Wayfarer, supremely wearable and made famous by legends, from Ray Charles to the Blues Brothers. Available at Silverberg in a wide range of fabulous colours.

The Club Master has become a classic in its own right. Shown here in black it is also available in a range of colours including a beautiful tortoiseshell. Fantastic for both ladies and gents.

New for this season, the Round Eye. Ray-Ban’s take on the hugely popular round eye frame is shown here in gold and silver with amazing mirrored lenses. Also available in a range of other colourways, we predict this model is going to be huge this season.

And another Ray-Ban classic – The Aviator. The teardrop design was originally developed to enable pilots to wear them while using an oxygen mask – hence the name. This unisex model is also available in a wide range of beautiful colourways and sizes.


Our manager Colin tells you more about the fabulous Ray-Ban SS17 Collection.