Daily Contact Lenses

Although the social stigma associated with glasses is a thing of the past, some people still find glasses something of a burden: the upkeep, remembering where they put them, stopping them from falling off during vigorous activity!

Then, there are those people who feel they just don’t suit glasses and no amount of style advice and flattery can persuade them otherwise.

Fortunately, at Silverberg Opticians, we stock a wide range of contact lenses. And the really good news is that now, thanks to advances in technology and production techniques, most people can wear contact lenses. Even if you are perfectly happy with your glasses, there must be times when you wished you had contact lenses – playing sports, going out in the rain, coming in from the cold, or on a crowded dance floor…

Disposable Daily Contact Lenses

If you suffer from allergies, daily contact lenses may be the ideal solution for you, as there is little or no opportunity for particles such as pollen to build up and irritate your already-sensitive eyes.

We stock a wide range of well-known brands of daily disposable contact lenses, including Bausch and Lomb, CIBA Vision, Johnson & Johnson, and Sauflon.